Pack offers standard suites and luxury suites.  Our suites are made of fiberglass reinforced panels, glass and stainless steel.  We pride ourselves on enclosures that are comfortable and make your pets feel as close to home as they can without being in a cage.

As long as your pet is suited for daycare, Pack incorporates them into the daycare program for the length of their stay. Their day is full of play, supervised fun with toys and compatible canine buddies. We do not charge extra for daycare…it’s just part of the service at Pack!

We also offer boarding for your feline friends in our Kitty Cat accommodations. We will care for your cats daily with regular feeding, watering, cleaning of their enclosure and litter, as well as spending quality time with them in our “Cat House” that is separate from all of our standard dog enclosure. Our Cat rooms are in their own space with its own heating and cooling system so that everything for your cat is just right!

Boarding Packages

  • Daily Boarding - One Dog (Standard Suite) $38
  • Daily Boarding - One Dog (Deluxe Suite) $48
  • Puppy Boarding - One Dog (Standard Suite) $46
  • Cat Boarding - One Cat (Standard Suite) $24
  • 10 Nights - One Dog (Standard Suite) $325
  • 20 Nights - One Dog (Standard Suite) $646
  • 30 Nights - One Dog (Standard Suite) $912
  • 45 Nights - One Dog (Standard Suite) $1,282
  • (Additional discounts apply for additional family pets, and pets that can board together.)