The benefits of daycare

There are lots of great resons to bring your dog to daycare. More than just a place to drop off your pet, daycare can have some substantial benefits as well. For Example:


  • Some dogs don’t like time at home alone. Play with other pets can make for a happier friend.
  • No fear of accidents while you are at work or away for the day.
  • No need to have a stranger go to your house to walk your dog.
  • Package rates make dog daycare surprisingly affordable.
  • It can also be a spa day. We have groomers on site!
  • Great way to tire out Fido, let him have some good play time during the daylight hours.
  • Socialization, socialization, socialization.
  • Change your pooches routine, you will see the difference in behavior.
  • New friends for your pet and possibly yourself. Meet others with pets that are compatible with yours.

Daycare Packages

  • ½ Day Per Pet (4 Hours) $20
  • Full Day Per Pet $30
  • Full Day (Puppy) $38
  • ½ Day (Puppy) $28
  • 5 Day Package $130
  • 10 Day Package $245
  • 20 Day Package $470
  • 30 Day Package $650